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"What you need to know to deliver a dataset"

For regular depositors of large-scale social surveys or government data series there are five key steps to depositing a collection:

  • Plan - what to do before fieldwork begins
  • Prepare - what to do during and after fieldwork
  • Negotiate - discuss deposit with us
  • Deposit - transfer data to us
  • Ingest - what we do with your data

Consult our succinct 2014 guide on Depositing shareable survey data, preferably before the survey has been commissioned and fieldwork has started.


What to do before fieldwork begins

Plan for depositing and providing access to data early in the survey commissioning and design operation processes.

Include allocating appropriate resources and setting out exactly who has responsibility for each set of activities.

Commissioning tenders

Include a paragraph in commissioning tenders and project contracts. Fully brief contractors on the requirements of delivering a sharable dataset, within the constraints of the survey’s budget.

"Data and documentation to be delivered to the UK Data Service by [an agreed date], to [an agreed quality standard] and prepared according to UK Data Service guidelines."

Set out expectations and indicate which party is expected to take responsibility for delivering archiving-related requirements. Some survey tenders are already explicit in their data documentation expectations.

Consent protocols

The form of consent provided by survey respondents should allow for archiving and sharing of data and future reuse. Written consent may not be required for data gathered from questionnaire surveys where no personal data are collected, or where personal identifiers are removed from the data. See sample consent forms.

Deposit checklist

A checklist relating to deposit activities for each data collection is useful. See an example used by the ONS Opinions Survey team on the inside back page of our survey deposit guide.

Getting in touch early

Contact the UK Data Service Collections Development team at the earliest opportunity if you intend to deposit a new dataset to discuss and agree appropriate access arrangements.


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