Access to the Secure Lab

Information about how registered users can apply for access to Controlled data via the UK Data Service Secure Lab.

Access to the Secure Lab is available to researchers who can fulfil the access requirements for the data required:

  • The purpose of your use/project must be to serve the 'public good'.
  • Access must be from within the UK.
  • For ONS data: researchers must be an ONS Accredited Researcher, and details on how to apply for this status will be provided during the application process. Further details are available from: ONS Approved Researcher Scheme
  • For non-government data: selected studies require researchers to be based at a UK academic institution or an ESRC-funded research centre, and be an ESRC Accredited Researcher. PhD and research students can request access but will need to apply jointly with their supervisors. We do have some studies that are available to all researchers who can meet the conditions of access. Refer to the 'Access' tab for each study in the Data Catalogue for details of any access restrictions.
  • SN 6676 can be accessed by German researchers via the IAB RDC, Nuremberg, but the other conditions of access for this study still apply.

For further information and details about our security philosophy and software available, see Secure Lab: How it works and our 5 Safes animation explaining the process.

Applying for access
Complete user agreement

Complete Secure Access User Agreement

Before access is given to the Secure Lab, you and a suitable officer at your institution (for example from a contracts office) must sign a user agreement. This outlines the terms and conditions of use of the UK Data Service Secure Lab and includes:

  • Agreement that you will complete our training
  • Information about your security responsibilities, e.g. not sharing your password, nor disclosing or compromising any Personal Information
  • Information about penalties and breaches, see our Licence Compliance Policy for details
  • Our output release policy
  • Our acknowledgements and copyright requirements

Note: this is a per user per organisation agreement. A new agreement is only required if you move organisations.

Attend training course
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