Terms and conditions of access

All users are required to agree to the terms and conditions pertaining to the use of data.

Open data do not require users to be registered with the UK Data Service but may be subject to an Open Government Licence (OGL) or a Creative Commons Licence (CC). Refer to our Open access data page for details of our Open data collections.

Safeguarded and Controlled data require users to be registered with the UK Data Service. Users who register have to accept our End User Licence (EUL) which is agreed to during the registration process.

Safeguarded data:

  • Standard access: Applies to the majority of our data collections and only requires user and project registration. These data are fully anonymised.
  • Special Conditions: Some data collections are subject to additional conditions of access such as: depositor permission required; or the user's agreement to a special condition during the download process.
  • Special Licence: Data collections that contain more detailed information require users to complete a set of Special Licence forms.

Controlled data:

  • Data collections that are only accessible via the Secure Lab are subject to additional conditions of access such as the completion of special forms and attending a training course.
End User Licence
Special Conditions
Special Licence
Controlled data

The UK Data Service also provides access to data that are deemed too confidential or sensitive to be released via download (such as through the End User Licence or Special Licence routes). These data have not been subject to any suppression, perturbation or other anonymisation techniques.

We provide access via our Secure Lab to a variety of business microdata from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), and social survey data from a range of suppliers. These controlled data collections typically contain the detailed geographies of respondents’ locations (including postcodes and grid references), and include variables deemed too sensitive for release. In the future, we will also provide researchers with secure access to administrative and transaction data sources.

A valuable resource for researchers, these data are often accessed for their geospatial properties. Many sources of business microdata from the ONS can be combined, exponentially increasing their range of use.

Access to these data via the UK Data Service Secure Lab offers Secure Remote Access and Safe Centre facilities. These enable researchers to access and undertake analyses, without the need for downloading the data. This reassures data providers that the data remain confidential, but provides researchers with access to a rich source of detailed data.

Further information is available from: Secure Lab

Information on how to apply for access is available from: Access to the Secure Lab

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