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Information about how to download, order or request access to Safeguarded and Controlled data are provided below.


Download and order
Order Special Licence data

To request access to Special Licence data:

  1. Add the required dataset(s) to a project via your account.
  2. The status will be shown as 'Request access'.  Click this button to view the steps required to gain access to this dataset.
  3. Click each of the steps in turn and follow the instructions displayed, e.g. accept any special conditions, or download the forms that are required.
  4. When you have downloaded and completed the Special Licence form it must be returned to the UK Data Service Helpdesk. The form will then be checked and we will inform you of any changes that are required. Once complete the form will be sent to the data owner for approval.
  5. The steps displayed will be marked with a tick once complete.
  6. Once your application is approved you will be notified that the data are available for you to download, and the dataset status will be 'Active'.
  7. Follow the 'Action' button to download the data.

Please note that Special Licence data are not suitable for teaching purposes.


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Controlled data

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