Information on the registration and ordering process is available by selecting one of the following options:

UK university or college users
Other UK users
Non UK users
Commercial users

To register with us:

  1. Apply for a username
  2. When you receive the email containing your username there will be a link for you to follow to complete the registration process as detailed for UK university or college users.

Users from commercial organisations can access our resources and download/order data from us. However, if the intended use is defined as 'commercial' according to the definition below, the UK Data Service will need to create a commercial agreement and obtain permission from the data owner(s) before access can be provided. 

  • Commercial use: Research is defined as 'commercial' where a direct objective is to generate revenue and/or where data are requested for sale, resale, loan, transfer or hire
  • Non-commercial use: Any individual employed by, or undertaking research for, any organisation, may use data even if this entails monetary reward, where a public good results from the use. Public good can be defined as an activity which widens access to information sourced from our collection and has social or economic benefit

You should note that:

  • Commercial users are not permitted access to some of the datasets we hold. Details of any access restrictions will be shown on the 'Access' tab avaialble for each dataset in the Data Catalogue.
  • Studies requiring completion of a Special Licence or users to hold ONS Accredited Researcher status, are not available for commercial use but can be used for non-commercial projects as defined above
  • Orders for data for a 'commercial' use are subject to an administrative charge and details are available from our charges page.


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