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We work with, and have helped inform a network of social science data archives across the world.  You can search for data using their online catalogues and the UK Data Service can help acquire data on your behalf. Some of these data archives provide access to popular harmonised cross-national survey series.

Formal networks include CESSDA ERIC and the International Association of Social Science Information and Technology (IASSIST). registry provides an authoritative overview of hundreds of existing data repositories worldwide.

Research Data Australia is the data discovery service of the Australian National Data Service (ANDS), one of the first national portals for locating distributed research data across Australia.

Click on the number to go to the data archive in the world maps below.

European data archives

1 Austria 2 Czech Republic 3 Denmark 4 Estonia 5 Finland 6 France 7 Germany 8 Greece 9 Hungary 10 Irish Social Science Data Archive - Dublin 11 Irish Qualitative Data Archive -- Maynooth 12 Italy 13 Lithuania 14 Luxembourg 15 Netherlands 16 Norwegian Social Science Data Services – Bergen 17 Portugal 18 Romania 19 Slovak Republic 20 Slovenia 21 Spain 22 Swedish National Data Service – University of Gothenburg 23 Switzerland 24 United Kingdom



  1. Austria AUSSDAThe Austrian Social Science Data Archive

  2. Czech Republic CSDA Czech Sociological Data Archive - Institute of Sociology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic - Prague

  3. Denmark DDA Danish Data Archive – University of Odense

  4. Estonia ESTA Estonian Social Science Data Archive

  5. Finland FSDFinnish Social Science Data Archive – University of Tampere

  6. France Quetelet PROGEDO Diffusion

  7. Germany GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences – Mannheim

  8. Greece GSDB Greek Social Data Bank – Athens

  9. Hungary TÁRKI TÁRKI Data Archive – Budapest

  10. Ireland ISSDA Irish Social Science Data Archive - Dublin

  11. Ireland IQDA Irish Qualitative Data Archive -- Maynooth

  12. Italy ADPSS Data Archive for Social Sciences – University of Milan

  13. Lithuania LiDA Lietuvos HSM duomenų archyvas – Kaunas

  14. Luxembourg LISER Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research

  15. Netherlands DANS Data Archiving and Networked Services – The Hague

  16. Norway NSD Norwegian Social Science Data Services – Bergen

  17. Portugal APIS Arquivo Português de Informação Social – University of Lisbon

  18. Romania RODA Romanian Social Data Archive - Bucharest

  19. Slovak Republic SASD Slovak Archive of Social Data - Bratislava

  20. Slovenia ADP Arhiv Druzboslovnih Podatkov – Ljubljana

  21. Spain CIS Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas – Madrid

  22. Sweden SND Swedish National Data Service – University of Gothenburg

  23. Switzerland FORS Swiss Foundation for Research in Social Sciences – Lausanne

  24. United Kingdom UK Data Archive UK Data Archive – University of Essex, Colchester

North American data archives
Other worldwide data archives

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