Question banks

There are a growing number of online tools allowing users to search for questions used on major national and cross-national surveys, both for research purposes and reuse of those questions.


Cross-survey, cross-topic

  • Canadian Poll DataBank (CPOLL): Employs iPoll functionality. Currently prototype only. Registration required.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Q-BANK: Sophisticated search interface that allows user to search for evaluated (tested) questions from a range of federal surveys. Search according to survey, topic, question type, response to pull up question text and a range of associated resources, including evaluations of the question. No registration required.
  • Centre for Comparative European Survey Data (CCESD) Information System:  Another CCESD information system with the look-and-feel of the BESIS and BSAS IS. The search allows the user to find survey questions - in the local language - from the major European surveys. Registration required.
  • Dansk Data Archiv (DDA): DDA's search engine enables you to search by questions. No registration required.
  • GESIS: Question Text Retrieval: Searches codebook/questionnaire PDFs for a range of surveys held at Zentralarchiv. No registration required.
  • ICPSR: Social Science Variables Database: Variable search for a selection of ICPSR's survey data collection. Variable-level information retrieved includes question text. No registration required.
  • Pew Research Center for the People & the Press: Question Search: Based on the iPoll functionality, this interface allows users to search for questions across the range of surveys conducted by the Pew Research Center. Question text is linked to frequencies and reports (where they exist). No registration required.
  • Réseau Quetelet: Question data bank: Covers key French survey data. Advanced functionality allows users to filter and search within results and to save/export results. Small selection of surveys available in English. No registration required.
  • Roper Center: iPoll Databank: Searchable database of US public opinion polls. Advanced search facility results pull up question text, frequencies, survey methodology. Registration required.
  • Swedish National Data Service: Questionbank: This beta version covers key Swedish surveys. Work is continuing on a new implementation based on DDI3 metadata. No registration required.

Specific to a survey

  • LISS Data Archive: Search for questions/variables in the LISS panel (Netherlands). No registration required.

Specific to a topic


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