Question banks

There are a growing number of online tools allowing users to search for questions used on major national and cross-national surveys, both for research purposes and reuse of those questions.


Specific to a survey

  • British Election Studies Information Site (BESIS) has similar functionality to Nesstar. A search interface allows user to find questions from British Election Studies series and to view possible responses, frequencies, links to original questionnaire. Registration required.
  • British Social Attitudes Survey (BSAS) Information System is an advanced version of the BESIS interface, offering the same functionality plus the ability to browse BSAS questions by keyword. Intuitive exploratory analysis functions are available. Registration required.
  • iLSYPE is a data management service for LSYPE users. Like Nesstar, it is based around finding variables first and question text second. Registration required for downloading data but not for question/variable search.

Specific to a topic

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