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"Enabling research through responsible use of detailed and sensitive data"

The UK Data Service is one of the few organisations who have the experience and expertise to build a world-leading secure access system.


What is the Secure Lab?

The UK Data Service Secure Lab provides secure access to data that are too detailed, sensitive or confidential to be made available under the standard End User Licence or Special Licence. Our specialised staff apply statistical control techniques to ensure the delivery of safe statistical results.

Data accessed in this way cannot be downloaded. Once researchers and their projects are approved, they can analyse the data remotely from their organisational desktop, or by using our Safe Room. We provide access to statistical and office software to make remote analysis and collaboration secure and convenient.

Our security philosophy is based upon training and trust, leading-edge technology, licensing and legal frameworks, and strict security policies and penalties.

We invite data owners and researchers to join the UK Data Service community to enable responsible use of detailed data for high-quality research.

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